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An artisan workshop in the center of Genoa, where chocolate is still processed in vintage machinery and molds, following ancient recipes handed down over three centuries. The secret
of Romeo Viganotti is all in this alchemy that began with Romeo Viganotti’s family, carried on by Roberto Pastorino, and is now entrusted to the Boccardo family, with dad Alessandro and his son Eugenio. A story that can reach all over the world from Genoa, thanks to our e-commerce.



Every day we are looking for new flavor combinations. But we could never do without our historical products. Among these, the most famous are pralines, including Boers, Orange Peels, Crunchies, Cremini, and Sprinkles. Then there are the chocolates flavored with various kinds of spices and what we call the “kindreds,” such as Ginevrine, Ginevroni, Rosolio Drops (or Queen’s Drops), Almond Paste, and Fondant. In total, there are more than 150 types, the result of patient and careful craftsmanship.

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A passion for the art of baking and particularly chocolate has been the hallmark of the
our family-the Boccardos-as early as Giuseppe, Eugenio’s grandfather, who began working at a very young age as a store boy in a pastry shop. Over the years, Giuseppe honed his pastry art first at Klainguti’s then at Scalvini’s in Pontedecimo, until he opened his own pastry shop, in 1970: “L’Helvetia” in Campomorone (GE). It was here that his son Alessandro discovered his own passion for chocolate, which led him to meet Roberto Pastorino, then owner of the Romeo Viganotti chocolate factory, and to take over the business from him, still carrying on the century-old tradition of the Viganotti brand, together with his son Eugenio.

In recent years we have begun to follow the entire chocolate production process again, from the selection of cocoa beans to the final product, as Romeo Viganotti did back in the early 1900s. The current trend known as Bean to Bar (literally “from bean to bar”) is an artisanal excellence for us that has been part of our DNA for decades.

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In 2010, a few steps away from the old store, we opened Caffetteria Pasticceria Viganotti.
Here we offer traditional Italian and Genoese sweets alongside new and
imaginative, as well as coffees that are hand-roasted by us and available in different blends. In addition to classic pastries such as cream puffs, cannoli, and fruit tartlets, we offer capricci al gianduia, cavolini con la panna, mini chocolate and raspberry Bavarian pastries, tiramisu slices, and many other specialties, including the Helvetia cake and Zena cake are not to be missed.

In 2014, Gelateria Viganotti was born inside a thirteenth-century premises of which were
Maintained structure and charm. The real attraction of the restaurant, however, is the very wide selection of ice cream flavors, from the classic to the more unusual and unusual flavors, suitable for satisfying even the most curious palates: from gorgonzola ice cream with caramelized walnuts to that with prescinsêua and cinnamon, from dark chocolate to milk chocolate with hazelnut brittle, passing through tea and herbal teas.


Chocolate since 1866


From Romeo Viganotti to Eugenio Boccardo: over 150 years of history to read in one go.

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Chocolate since 1866


From Romeo Viganotti to Eugenio Boccardo: over 150 years of history to read in one go.