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taste and beauty

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A few steps away from the historic Chocolate Factory, at Salita del Prione 10r, in a cozy and elegant location, is Caffetteria Pasticceria Viganotti, where you can enjoy fine coffee from our own roastery to accompany cakes, pastries and pastries. Caffetteria Pasticceria Viganotti is the perfect place to have breakfast, where you can start your day with artisanal pastries made with the highest quality raw materials

We try a new combination every day, but we never forget the recipes
We grew up with.


Coffee & Brioche

Lovers of fine coffee can enjoy artisan-roasted coffee available in different blends to suit all tastes. You can also purchase it directly in our Pastry Cafeteria. Alongside, a theory of brioches, pastries and mignon cakes to make every break a festive moment.


Fresh Pastries

We offer traditional Genoese and Italian desserts alongside curious and appealing novelties. Our fresh pastry products are prepared daily, through artisanal processing and using only and exclusively selected, top-quality ingredients. In our Patisserie you will find the great classics such as Zena cake and mini Bavarian cakes, but also original ideas and combinations, such as lime and ginger or basil chocolate, all to be discovered.

Our dry pastry specialties also have an unmistakable flavor, thanks to the high-quality raw materials used to make them. Handcrafted with care and passion, they are perfect for any occasion.


Leavened goods and TRADITION

Over the past few years we have delved into the world of leavened goods and sourdough, making Genoese pandolce, panettone and doves under the Holidays. We offer not only classic versions, but also unpublished recipes that have themselves become small cults. Such as panettone 4 seasons 4 wedges (orange and raisins, chocolate, figs and walnuts, marron glacé) or colomba with pistachio cream.

For special occasions

personalized cakes

Every day at the Patisserie you can find fresh cakes of various types and sizes to satisfy the tastes of the whole family, or to celebrate anniversaries such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, for which we make a special cake every year.

In addition, custom cakes can be requested for ceremonies and events. If you are looking for an original idea for a special occasion, stop by and see us in the Bakery!


& bakery

Where we are

Salita del Prione 10 R – 16123 Genova (GE)

Opening times

Monday through Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Sunday closed