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Single Origin Bean To Bar

Today, talking about Bean to Bar is trendy. For us, embracing this way of working, selecting the best cocoa beans from trusted (and fairly paid) suppliers and personally taking care of every phase of the transformation, simply means re-proposing what Viganotti has always done, since the beginning of our history.

Bean to Bar means taking care of every single step of the chocolate production process, from the selection of the cocoa beans to the final product.

The intense flavour of

the best Cocoa Beans

At the basis of research of Bean to Bar Viganotti there is the care of the entire production process and the enhancement of the typical features of the territories of origin, combined with the genetic characteristics of the beans. The goal is to be able to best express the raw material, developing the unique aromas that characterize each variety of bean.

That’s why we select the best cocoa beans directly in the
producing countries, coming exclusively from conscientious producers, careful to guarantee every stage of the process, from harvesting to fermentation. It is the rediscovery of the ancient craft of master chocolatiers, combined with the desire and curiosity to know and study the essence of chocolate, in a research aimed at deepening and experimenting to find the maximum explosion of taste in each single cocoa bean.

From here Viganotti Bean to Bar comes, an artisan excellence with an intense flavour that
embodies more than 150 years of tradition.

Where do our cocoa beans come from?